Step 1 : Describe your Engagement Path

You have been actively engaged for some time but you may have difficulty remembering everything you’ve done. Here are some questions to help you summarise and reflect on your engagement path. You can do it alone or with someone else if that helps you to better reflect on your activities and learning : 

  • When did you begin your engagement?
  • How long did your engagement last?
  • What organisation or activity were you engaged with?
  • What was your position or role in the organisation or activity?
  • What were your objectives or goals?
  • What did you do to achieve your objectives/goals?
  • In which context/circumstances did you use your skills/competencies ?
  • What were the difficulties you’ve encountered ?
  • What solutions did you come with?
  • What were the outcomes of your efforts?


To download the questionnaire in PDF : My engagement path – Table – PDF version.

To download the editable version : My engagement path – Table – Editable version.