European STEP Training – 18-23.10.2020 – City of Luxembourg, Luxembourg

European STEP Training – 18-23.10.2020 – City of Luxembourg, Luxembourg

Presentation of the short-term joint staff training: 

The European STEP training, organised by the European University Foundation (EUF), with the support of Animafac and the European STEP partners, is meant to enhance student engagement recognition and promote the implementation of measures of recognition in Europe. It is organised for youth workers, administrative staff members and academics and aims at uniting diverse participants so that they work together to achieve the goals. 

Objectives of the training : 

  • Build a network of qualified trainers on the matter of student engagement, student engagement skills and recognition; 
  • Reflect on the recognition of student engagement in a European perspective, in a multicultural and multi-stakeholder context; 
  • Train for the implementation of recognition measures in higher education. 
  • Train for the identification and development of engagement skills; 
  • Evaluate and appropriate the tools Europass, Youthpass and ECVET.

Trained staff will be able to help universities and implement new measures of recognition. Trained youth workers will train their peers about the gains of engagement recognition. A qualified network of trainers on this matter will emerge and be able to keep on training other people. 


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Program of the training : 

The five-day training will consist of the following modules:

Day 1 Identify Different Types of Engagement 

– Identify the commitments of associations in connection with the university career

– Analyse the needs of engaged students

– Analyse the adequacy between the commitment of a student in extracurricular activities and his academic career

Day 2 Identify Different Types of Engagement

– Train in the establishment of a system for recognizing student engagement:

– Train in the implementation of a multi-stakeholder approach and know how to work with partners of different areas

– Set communication campaign for students and develop communication tools adapted to this target audience

– Mobilize partners linked to this target audience

Day 3 Identify Skills and Competences of Students’ Engagement 

– Identify skills acquired during an engagement

– Analyze the types of engagements and the types of responsibilities of engaged students

– Identify skills acquired during his·her associative experience

Day 4 Documentation and Transfer of Skills

–  Train in the field of skills development

–  Set up Engagement & Competence training modules

–  Use European systems – Europass, ECVET, Youthpass and E&C digital passport 

Day 5 Evaluation of the Training 

NB: Active teaching methods will be used by the trainers. Participants will be actively involved in the whole process of the training in order to meet the objectives related to the learning provided during all of the modules. The idea being to allow them, from the first day of the activity, to be actors of the training, and to become aware of the stakes of this one.

Practical information:

→ The mobility will take place in Luxembourg between the 18th and 23rd of October 2020 ( 5 days)

→ Participants will receive a series of preparatory documents in order to have a broad knowledge of the subject before their arrival. 

→ The consortium and the organizing partner EUF are committed to ensuring an environment that is both safe and suitable, which would make it possible to make the most of the participants’ learning capacities in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere. 

→ All emergency numbers will be communicated to participants in case of concerns. 

→ Participants must also make sure they have their European health insurance card and must communicate a second emergency contact (if necessary). 

→ For people with disabilities or specific needs, an accompanying person will be provided.

Linguistic support:

The working language will be English spoken and mastered by all the participants of the training. The people targeted by the training are used to working in an intercultural and European context, so this will be a necessary prerequisite for any participation.


European University Foundation – EUF (Luxembourg)

The European University Foundation (EUF) is a network of 25 universities in 18 countries across the European continent. The network is a promoter of diversity and social equity and aims to accelerate the modernisation of the European higher education area.


Animafac (France)

Animafac is the national network of student associations, supporting student initiatives,  promoting engagement and allowing many young people to meet for more than 20 years. Animafac also supports socially innovative projects and is a resource centre that provides development tools to several thousand student associations each year. 


More information on the European STEP project and the partners here.