Online training (2021)

Online training (2021)

Presentation of the short-term joint staff training: 

The European STEP training, organised by the European University Foundation (EUF), with the support of Animafac and the European STEP partners, is meant to enhance student engagement recognition and promote the implementation of measures of recognition in Europe. It is organised for students, youth workers, administrative staff members and academics and aims at uniting diverse participants so that they work together to achieve the goals. 

Objectives of the training : 

  • Build a network of qualified trainers on the matter of student engagement, student engagement skills and recognition; 
  • Reflect on the recognition of student engagement in a European perspective, in a multicultural and multi-stakeholder context; 
  • Train for the implementation of recognition measures in higher education. 
  • Train for the identification and development of engagement skills; 
  • Evaluate and appropriate the tools Europass, Youthpass and ECVET.

Trained staff will be able to help universities and implement new measures of recognition. Trained youth workers will train their peers about the gains of engagement recognition. A qualified network of trainers on this matter will emerge and be able to keep on training other people. 

To help you, here is a document that aims at offering practical guidelines in the context of the above-mentioned objectives and develop training activities for engaged Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) staff, who will be the European STEP local ambassadors and will ensure the sustainable continuation of the project’s mission.

Program of the training : 

Session 1 – Introduction :

Session1_Introduction to the training_presentation


Session 2 – Engagement & Competencies

Session 2_Competences gained during Student Engagement_presentation

Session 2_My engagement path – supporting material



Session 3 – Tips for building a LinkedIn Profile

Session 3_Tips to build a LinkedIn profile_presentation


Session 4 – Adequacy between Student Engagement and Curricula 

Session 4_Introduction to the session

Session 4_An Institutional Perspective on the Recognition of Student Engagement – Intellectual Output 2 – Survey Report_presentation

Session 4_Task 1_Characteristics of engaged students

Session 4_Task 2_Connecting the motivations with different paths


Session 5 – Implementing a Multistakeholder Approach

Session 5_Implementing a multi-stakeholder approach_presentation


Session 6 – Advocating for Student Engagement Recognition 

Session 6_Advocating for Student’ Engagement Recognition_presentation

Session 6_Group Exercise_Instructions


Session 7 –  Let’s think strategically! –  Implementation of a communication campaign to
attract students

Session 7_Let’s think strategically!_presentation

Session 7_Communication training

Session 7_Group exercise

Session 7_Group exercise_Case 1

Session 7_Group exercise_Case 2

Session 7_Dot Voting exercise


Session 8 – Engagement of students in the autism spectrum 

Session8_Engagement of students in the autism spectrum


Session 9 – European tools

Session 9_Europass presentation

Session 9_Youthpass presentation


Logo EUF


European University Foundation – EUF (Luxembourg)

The European University Foundation (EUF) is a network of 25 universities in 18 countries across the European continent. The network is a promoter of diversity and social equity and aims to accelerate the modernisation of the European higher education area.




Animafac (France)

Animafac is the national network of student associations, supporting student initiatives,  promoting engagement and allowing many young people to meet for more than 20 years. Animafac also supports socially innovative projects and is a resource centre that provides development tools to several thousand student associations each year. 


More information on the European STEP project and the partners here.


Contact : 

If you have any questions, you can contact Viktoriya Terzieva (EUF) or Maria Ly (Animafac)